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Our Mission
To be Australia’s most progressive people-centric company to achieve the best outcomes for all clients.
Our Program
We have various levels of care to accommodate the entire journey.
Our Team
Our Care takers work with each resident and their family to ensure their unique needs are met.
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We offer a high care support which is better than most traditional care facilities.

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Why Most of The People Choose UDcare

Udcare gives illimitable amenities to respect seniors so that they can feel free and independent. That's why people choose Udcare.

Personal Care & Assistance
Bathing, restroom activities, incontinence care, grooming, personal hygiene, dressing, walking, etc.
Meal Preparation And Diet Planning
Nutritious & delicious meals, diet planning (with dietary restrictions), feeding, etc.
Assisted Transportation
Schedule planning and assistance (visits, appointments, errands, outings, etc.)
Medication Management
Reminders, supervision, pill box, organization, daily log, etc.
Recreation And Companionship
Conversation and entertainment (assistance with reading, games, crafts, puzzles, etc.)
Domestic Duties
Home cleaning, laundry, linen changes, caring for pets, etc.
Our Story
UDCARE came to life from the passion of a small group of individuals who have a vision for a better community. Established in 2014 to improve the quality of life for people with a disability and mental illness by providing and promoting valued services and support. UDCARE is a leading provider of high-value personalised care and support services in the NSW. We deliver community care, support and services to NDIS participants as well as privately funded clients. At UDCARE the individual is at the centre of everything we do. We develop and deliver personally tailored supports that are focused on your choices, interests, preferences, aspirations and life goals to maximise independence and quality of life. Each participant has their own support plan designed to empower every individual to live their lives to the full potential. UDCARE is a registered service provider and we can support you to implement your NDIS plan in the best way possible.

Some of Our NDIS Services

Personal Care

Disabled people are not from one group. Every disabled person has different health conditions and challenges. This is something we recognise here at Udcare NSW, where we provide personalised care for the disabled. We make sure that you or your loved one would receive the care you need so that you can live a happy and comfortable life.

Disability Housing

If you are looking for affordable and well-equipped accommodations, we got you covered at UdcareNSW where you can find your temporary comfort home for your loved ones. We offer services that would cover safety, security and hygiene at all times. All the staff at our accommodation centre are highly experienced & knowledgeable.

Domestic Assistance

we offer Domestic assistance service to the people with disability  (NDIS participants). Here we carry out all manner of domestic tasks around the home that disabled & aged people may find hard to perform. These may be basic jobs like taking out the rubbish, or a more comprehensive clean of the whole house. The end goals are to make day to day life more enjoyable. 

Community Participation

 It is important for all social beings to interact within the community to improve their mental health and have an optimistic approach towards life. At UdcareNSW, we have a vision of forming different communities within our group of clients with a range of community & social participation programs focused on empowering disabled persons. 

Transportation Assistance

We understand that sometimes our clients need our help in getting around hence we provide transportation assistance.  We can also arrange taxi vouchers so that you can make your travel independently. Whatever your need, we can help you in the way that best suits you. Getting out and about is part of every person’s daily life, hence should be given utmost priority. etc

Allied Healthcare

Our Allied Health Care professionals work as a team to take a closer look at what you actually need. We cater to the hectic lifestyle of our patients. Our physiotherapists and physiologists are more than happy to visit you at home or at your gym or pool facility – whatever suits you best. Moreover, if your injury is work-related, we are also able to attend your workplace for assessment and treatment.

A Shoulder To Lean On.

At UdcareNSW, we provide a hand to hold and a shoulder to lean on

Our Care takers work with each resident and their family to ensure their unique needs are met.

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Our goal each day is to ensure that our residents’ needs are not only met but exceeded. To make that happen, we are committed to providing an environment in which residents can enjoy a wide range of amenities that allow them to feel independent.

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