Domestic Assistance

Domestic Assistance

At UdcareNSW, we offer Domestic assistance service to the people with disability (NDIS Participants) and elderly . Here we carry out all manner of domestic tasks around the home that disabled & aged people may find hard to perform. These may be basic jobs like taking out the rubbish, or a more comprehensive clean of the whole house. Either way, the end goals are the same – to make day to day life more enjoyable and to minimise the risks associated with a cluttered, untidy home.

We look forward to make the lives of aged persons and people with disability easier & more liveable by giving them the attention they need.

Our Domestic assistance services include:

» Taking out the rubbish

» Cleaning the kitchen

» Cleaning the bathroom

» General cleaning

»Vacuuming or mopping

» Making sure food in the fridge and pantry is current.

» Sweeping outdoor areas

» Tidying paths and steps

» Watering plants/Gardening

» Feeding a pet

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