Mobility Equipment

Mobility Equipment

UdcareNSW supplies mobility equipment to individuals, aged care facilities, homes and hospitals, offering a broad range of solutions to ensure the best outcomes for those in need.

Our range of equipment includes

» Scooters

» Wheelchairs – Standard, Power, Active, Tilt-n-Space, Paediatric, Sports.

» Safe Patient Handling – Lifters, Transfer Aids and Accessories.

» Beds and Furniture.

» Access Ramps – for wheelchairs and other mobility aids.

» Pressure and Posture Care, Seating & Positioning.

» Respiratory – Portable, Stationary Concentrators.

» Access/ Evacuation – portable stair climbers and emergency evacuation aids.

» Bathroom/ toilet – commodes, chairs, Grab Handles, Bath Equipment, Hygiene.

» Bedroom – bed rails, mattresses and overlays, electric beds

» Falls prevention, Mats, Aids for Daily Living

» Therapeutic Surfaces

» Continence Management Product

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